New GSA Officers

Dear ISU graduate students,

I hope everyone is doing well and settling in for the spring semester! I would like to take this time to introduce you to your new executive members of the Graduate Student Association. After the creation of two new positions, the following students have been appointed to represent ISU graduate students in the following positions:

Outreach Officer: Braeden Udy

Online Marketing Officer: D’Andre Matthews

And the following officers are still present to serve the best interest of the GSA with the appointment of a new secretary:

President: Volkan Aktas

Vice President: Jessica Sargent

Secretary: Nana Eduonoo

Treasurer: Diep (Jenna) Nguyen

The purpose of the Graduate Student Association of Idaho State University is to support the Graduate School and Graduate Education. Your executive student body will do their best to exemplify the qualities outlined by the ISU Graduate Student Constitution.  Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the whole graduate student body to be aware of, and exercise the aims outlined in the link provided.

Thank you very much. The new GSA executive members look forward to working for you.


Volkan Aktas

President of the Graduate Student Association