Constitution of the Graduate Student AssociationofIdaho State University


We, the members of the Graduate Student Association of Idaho State University, do hereby constitute ourselves an organization subject to the following provisions.

Article I


The name of the organization shall be the Graduate Student Association of Idaho State University.  All official documents shall bear this name.

Article II


Purpose: The purpose of the Graduate Student Association of Idaho State University is to support the Graduate School and Graduate Education in:

  1. Recruiting graduate students;
  2. Welcoming new graduate students to campus;
  3. Mentoring and serving as role models for new graduate students;
  4. Promoting academic persistence and degree completion among graduate students;
  5. Encouraging graduate student networking opportunities;
  6. Encouraging discussion and debate of issues affecting graduate students;
  7. Promoting and encouraging graduate student research;
  8. Raising awareness of graduate student needs to ASISU and others;
  9. Encouraging creativity and engagement in and among graduate students at local, national and international levels;
  10. Recognizing outstanding accomplishments of graduate students;
  11. Acknowledging individuals and groups who provide extraordinary support to graduate students and/or to the Graduate Student Association;
  12. Promoting an intellectually stimulating atmosphere for graduate students.
  13. Working in conjunction with the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students (NAGPS).

Article III


Section 1          General Members

Membership in the Graduate Student Association is open to all Idaho State University graduate students who are currently registered/enrolled as fee paying (full or part-time) graduate students. This organization will not deny membership to any person on the basis of race, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, physical handicap, color, marital status, national origin, language, or creed.

Section II         Voting Members

  1. Voting members of the Graduate Student Association shall consist of fee paying (full or part-time) graduate students who have shown vested interest in the Association by having paid club dues for the current school year and have signed the current membership roster.
  1. Each voting member will have only one vote.
  1. Executive officers are appointed from the club membership and will retain voting privileges.

Article IV


  1. The Graduate Student Association will meet on a regular basis during the school year. Time and place of meetings shall be determined by the Executive Board.
  1. Special meetings may be called by the president or the advisor, allowing a 24

hour period of advance notice.

  1. Quorum shall consist of 2/3 of the voting membership present. Quorum may pass an issue with simple majority rule (51%).
  1. Roberts Rules of Order shall be used to conduct meetings.
  1. The following agenda shall serve as the standard of meetings for the Graduate

            Student Association:

  • Roll call;
  • Reading of minutes;
  • Old business;
  • New business;

Article VI


Section I          Eligibility

Only registered/enrolled graduate students (full or part-time) for the semester or term shall be eligible to serve as elected or appointed officers of the Graduate Student Association.

Section II         Duties of the Executive Board Officers


  1. To preside at all meetings of the Graduate Student Association.
  2. To enforce the Constitution, By-Laws, and other regulations of the Graduate Student Association.
  3. To call special meetings.
  4. To communicate the needs of the Graduate Student Association to ASISU and other organizations.
  5. To resume the role of the “Past President” for a semester after their term has concluded in order to help the new President transition into the stated position.
  6. To fulfill any duties associated with this office, but not specifically mentioned in this Constitution.

Vice President

  1. To preside in the absence of the president.
  2. To assist all committees and keep the president informed of their progress.
  3. To serve as parliamentarian.


  1. To keep a permanent record of all minutes and committee reports.
  2. To keep an accurate and complete roster for all voting members.
  3. To ensure distribution of necessary mail.
  4. To act as the communicator between the president and all member committees.
  5. To serve as historian of the Graduate Student Association.


  1. To keep an accurate record of all financial transactions of the Graduate Student Association.
  2. To deposit and withdraw funds of the Graduate Student Association.
  3. To execute the appropriate process in order to request and obtain funds from ASISU.
  4. To report to the Executive Board and the general membership on the financial position of the Graduate Student Association.

Online Student Representative

  1. To take the responsibility of accessing online students and keeping online students informed.
  2. To relay online students concerns and wishes to the Executive Board.
  3. To keep the Graduate Student Association website up to date and accessible to all graduate students.
  4. To assist with promotional activities by formatting content and graphics; arranging printing and internet packages.

Outreach Officer

  1. To be the liaison between the Graduate Student Association and its partners.
  2. To relay upcoming events and new partnerships with the Executive Board.
  3. To communicate the needs of the Graduate Student Association to ASISU Graduate School Senators.
  4. To communicate the needs and concerns of Graduate Students to the Executive Board.

Section III        Executive Officer Attendance

Executive officers are required to attend all regularly scheduled meetings. If an officer misses two meetings, a warning will be issued. If a third meeting is missed, the individual will be subject to removal as determined by the Executive Board. Officers are allowed to attend meetings through the use of video conference calls.

Section IV        Removal of Officers

Any officer can be removed by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the voting membership present of the Graduate Student Association at two consecutive meetings.

Article VI


Section I          Nominations

  1. During the fall semester Graduate Student Association meeting, the past president will open nominations. Any voting member may nominate any other voting member for office.
  1. All nominees must be registered/enrolled fee paying (full or part-time) graduate students to be nominated for, or voted into, any Graduate Student Association office.

Section II         Elections

  1. The election of officers shall be held online.
  1. Elections will be held by secret ballot. A plurality vote for each position is required.

Section III        Transition of Officers

Newly elected officers shall take office immediately following elections. The elected term of office shall be one year.

Article VII


Authorization of Funds

The treasurer will be responsible for the collection/disbursement of funds and opening a student organization account in the ASISU office.  Major expenditures will be authorized by the membership. Major expenditures ($100 or more) will be authorized by majority vote of the membership. Minor expenditures (less than $100) will be authorized by the president or the vice president in the absence of the president, and the faculty advisor.  All expenditures shall require the signatures of one of the officers and the advisor.

Article VIII


  1. The advisor shall be a full-time faculty member of Idaho State University.
  1. An advisor can be recommended for removal from the position of the Graduate Student Association Executive Board if:
  1. He or she is not contributing to the Graduate Student Association in a positive manner.
  1. Any reason not mentioned but still deemed appropriate by the Executive Board.

Article IX


Any members of the Graduate Student Association may sponsor any amendment.  The amendment must be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of members present.  The proposed amendment is not ratified until approved by ASISU.


Volkan Aktas                                      ~ President                                              ~ Graduate Student Association

Jessica Sargent                                 ~Vice President                                     ~ Graduate Student Association


Nana Eduonoo                                 ~ Secretary                                               ~ Graduate Student Association


Diep Nguyen                                     ~ Treasurer                                               ~ Graduate Student Association

D’Andre Mathews                          ~ Online Student Representative    ~ Graduate Student Association

Braeden Udy                                    ~ Outreach Officer                                 ~ Graduate Student Association


Amanda Eakins                                  ~ Advisor                                                 ~ Graduate Student Association

March 14, 2017                                                                      

Date Submitted